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Top Five Mistakes Wives Make and How to Avoid Them

Without a huge amount of effort, married life can be satisfying. Wives can consider finding ways to avoid behaviour that creates disruptions and rifts in their relationship with their husbands. For a happier and overall more gratifying relationship, a small amount of adjustment, acceptance and mutual understanding counts a lot.

There are many demanding responsibilities of housework and childcare that can blur romance and happiness in a relationship. Wives can be careful to avoid turn offs, especially if they are happening often, this can be a cause of disagreements in their relationship.

Here are a few mistakes that wives can sometimes make, and some effective tips to avoid them.

Tip 1: Becoming too critical: Men need to have their own space as much as women do. Nagging your husband and criticising him too much can create distance between husband and wife. Too many complaints from wives are also a turn off. If a wife is able to be just a bit more patient and understanding, it will go a long way to bringing more happiness into their relationship.

Tip 2: Exerting control: Men tend to like to be reasonably independent. Therefore, it would be wise for a wife to let go of attempting to control them. This is very different to shared tasks and responsibilities in the home, this is about mental space as opposed to physical space mentioned in tip 1 above. Wives can help have a balance by having their say and letting their husbands also have their will to a reasonable extent; this helps build trust and mutual respect.

Tip 3: Using sex to punish: There are times when a wife will avenge a wrong by withholding sex which does more harm than good. Where possible, if an issue can be resolved by discussing it, this will be far more effective for building trust in the relationship. Using sex as a tool is a poor strategy and can affect marital relationships in a negative manner.

Tip 4: Being over emotional: Where possible, if a wife is able to control her emotional responses, rather than be controlled by them, this can be very powerful in both reducing the amount of bad feeling between husbands and wives, and also in strengthening the wife in her own personality. When it is appropriate, it is better to forget little offenses and forgive insignificant mistakes to enable a couple to have a happier relationship overall.

Tip 5: Being too suspicious: Asking too many questions, being too inquisitive and suspicious can be damaging to a marital relationship because it gives of vibes of mistrust. If a wife can avoid asking too many questions on a regular basis, questions that appear to be interrogatory rather than general chit chat, this can be a simple and effective way to actually build trust and gain more openness from the husband over time. The act of displaying patience, trust and confidence can help build a healthy relationship.

There is no hard and fast rule that fits all. The issue of marriage and relationships is a sensitive one and the information in this article is given to guide and ease some of the typical situations that tend to crop up again and again in relationships.

As with all such tips, if you find you are able to do only a tiny change, with only one or two of them, this is already significant and you will find that by regularly applying them, you will gain greater control over yourself as a person, and reap benefits in your relationship too.

All the best,

Natalie Dee

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Posted in Life Coaching, Self Improvement on September 6, 2010

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