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Personal Development Plans For Managers and How They Can Help You

A good personal development plan for managers is something that gives you methods and techniques to work on and develop that are in line with the needs of your company. A large part of these methods and techniques specifically focus on your own personal development. It can involve identifying parts of your working method which need improvement, perhaps there will be new skills to learn and of course improving on areas where you perhaps lack the abilities necessary.

A personal development plan for managers can have quite a different approach to a personal plan or personal goal setting methods. That is why a PDP works best for those with leadership roles because goal setting is a definite must for those who are serious about achieving success.  Yet, many of those in leadership roles don’t set goals for their personal development.  Many people have goals and targets for a career, people wish to move up the corporate ladder and achieve more professionally, yet they may not have the right development plan and this can be a crucial factor they are missing keeping them from the full success.

The downside to doing this is that you get caught up in the method of achieving your goals that you unconsciously neglect the art of improving and learning.  Also, when some people begin to see success, they may become comfortable and stop any development.  It is this comfort that usually makes successful individuals to lose their focus and fail.  Putting a personal development plan into place will ensure that you remain focused and will continually improve yourself and prevent any complacency.  There are three basic steps in a personal development plan.

1.  Identify where you are now.

What are your abilities, skills, weaknesses, strengths etc?

2.  Identify where you are going.

Where do you need or want to be?  What do you have to work on for you to achieve the next level of success?  What weaknesses do you need to address?  What is the area that needs to most focus for improvement? 

3.  How to fill the gap.

Your final step is coming up with a plan on how you will fill the gap from where you are right now to where you want to be.  This involves planning on where and who to learn from, resources you need to obtain, knowing your action items and making a timeline.

Having a managerial personal development plan will ensure that your abilities and skills are continually upgraded for the needs of your career and company. After all it is your knowledge, abilities and skills that are ultimately going to define your success and professional life.

Posted in Business Coaching on June 15, 2011

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