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Surfing at 40!

Surfing at 40 - There's So Much You Can DoAt what point does a little voice in your head say “I’m too old…”

Too old for what?  To lose weight, change career, be fit, take up a new sport, hobby or other interest?

How often have we heard it said “It’s hard to lose weight when you reach a certain age.”

Is this really true?

It can be “hard” to lose weight in your 20s and 30s too!  And even as a child now, weight loss and obesity is a major issue.  Changing career, moving home, ending a relationship, starting a new relationship…. all these and more can be “hard” at 40 or at any age!

Reality is that change is possible at any age.  The determining factor is not the age we are at, it’s your mindset.

On Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this morning I heard a fantastic and inspiring story of a woman who learnt to surf at 40!

Wilma Johnson (known as MamaSurf) is truly an inspiration for women who want to start something new and may not feel confident in themselves or their abilities; on the show this morning Wilma told how she had kept going even though she considered herself to be the worst person ever to learn to surf and after 6 months of commitment she finally got it!!  And she continues to surf regularly today!

With the right mindset, determination and commitment our abilities are endless!  If a mid-life makeover is what you want, do it!

Be clear about what you want to achieve and you can make it your reality, you can make it happen!

Whether you choose to do it alone or work closely with a life coach, make your life what you want it to be!

All the best,

Natalie Dee
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Posted in Change, Life Coaching, Motivation, Personal Growth, Self Improvement on July 12, 2011

9 comments on this topic

  1. harriet says:

    … I too learnt to stand up with confidence (and some style I think!) on a surf board at 40 – and strangely enough this coincided with me getting much better at standing up for myself and what matters to me. I think 40 years of preparation for stepping into your true power is just about enough … and when I feel my confidence dip I like to remind myself ‘Come on, you’re 40 now … you can do it!’

    1. NatalieD says:

      That’s fantastic and so inspiring! It’s amazing how it can positively impact our sense of self-confidence too when we achieve new things outside our usual comfort zone!
      Well done you!!

      1. Lindsey says:

        I totally agree with your blog about age being a mindset and that with determination anything is possible no matter what age. I feel that after turning 40 I began to observe situations in a much calmer and more objective way. I have an understanding of myself both for the good and for the bad which gives me a sense of confidence that I may not have had before. Sometimes I feel like a bystander, calmly watching the mistakes others make in the knowledge that I have moved on from all of this and I certainly feel wiser for it!

        1. Paul says:

          As you get older it is natural to try and fit more and more into your life. However, don’t forget to take time to do nothing as, you will recall, they were the best of times.

          1. Jason says:

            Excellent article, and totally agree, it is a mind-set. In fairness though, I’m 37 so have a few years to go, but at an age now where many of my friends from school (for example) consider themselves to be settled down and middle aged with the fun times over.

            Personally, I think life’s more fun with more options and variety open now then when I was 20.

            Every age has it’s pros and cons, where being stuck in the middle at 30-50 is just the perfect place to be with the best of all worlds.

            Bring on the 40s I say, then it’s time for my next mid-life crisis (already done the motorbike!)

            1. Natalie Thomas says:

              In my early thirty’s I held on to stuff which didn’t make me 100 per cent happy, in order to appear as if my life was great.
              As Im approaching 40 Ive begun working on myself, took a big risk and got rid of the excess baggage. I can now honestly say my new lease of life as I approach 40 is pure bliss.

              1. Rich Rowley says:

                Yet another thought inspiring post from you Natalie. I always read these with a frown as if I am concentrating at chipping the rock away from a diamond!

                Mindset? I think you’re right. Our current society, media and culture has decided that at 40 you’re over the hill. Well back in the 17th century where living until your 50’s was considered a ‘good innings’ that may have been true.

                But now we live so much longer, in better health, with better lifestyles. I think its about time our mindset changed from that of our ancestors and to that of the 21st century. 40 is just the beginning!

                1. NatalieD says:

                  Love your feedback, and really lovely to see how positive you all are about being 40 or nearly there!

                  The main point is that we can make any time in our lives great for us; I saw an amazing lady on a documentary on the BBC recently at just over 100 years old who had a more active and interesting life than the some 20-something year olds!

                  Thanks for your feedback and inspiration!

                  All the best,


                  1. Loy says:

                    As age catches on it teaches each one a lot. Its like an older wine being better.
                    Each mans mindset plays a vital role in how he or she copes with age and of course with Gods blessings for good health.

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