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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

A Life Coach’s Perspective: If I’d Known In My 30s What I Know In My 40s

I Wish I'd Known In My 30s What I Know In My 40sIf only I’d known in my 30s what I now know in my 40s!

This is my own personal point of view, as a life coach, having studied personal development for over 25 years, constantly learning and changing.

The wisdom, awareness and knowledge I have today about my life and how best to make the most of what I have and what I do, would have been so helpful 10 years ago!!

What is this journey of life all about?  What are we here to learn, understand, discover and do?

What seems easy and obvious to me now, the way I manage stressful situations, my interest and dedication to fitness, health and sports, my relationships with my partner, family and friends, was so different even only five years ago.

My journey, my own experiences and the decisions I’ve made, have made me who I am today.  I see it as the way I needed to travel to work out who I am and enjoy being me.

What path are you on?  What are you facing each day, each month, each year that seems to repeat itself and you cannot find a way out of that rut?

Find yourself a life coach, someone you feel you can open up to, trust and commit to and you will find that you can move forwards to where you want to be, with greater ease and clarity.


Posted in Life Coaching, Personal Development, Personal Growth, success on July 23, 2011

3 comments on this topic

  1. In Your 40s and Still Single? | Cruise Vacation Travel says:

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    1. James Blacker says:

      ‘Sweet but short’? Good article but it ended rather quickly. From your email invitation I was looking forward to reading a bit more about the insights you were going to talk about – or so I anticipated.

      That certainly is a profound thing, though, isn’t it, if we knew then what we know now…

      Thanks for the inspiration,


      1. NatalieD says:

        Hi James,

        I could share so much more and for me the appeal of a blog is that it’s short and sweet as you so rightly put it.

        The other side of this is, we could take our awareness of how life tends to work itself out and allow ourselves to be more accepting and less stressed about what we are doing right now, and as a result be more, live more, in the present.

        All the best,


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