Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Fear I’ll be “Found Out!!”

So many of my clients tell me how they feel like a fraud; they fear they’ll be “found out” for who they really are; they feel they “shouldn’t be here” in their senior / corporate position…

Other clients fear speaking in front of other people, whether it’s a presentation in a boardroom, as part of their degree course or a best man’s speech… the fear of being judged, not being good enough, can almost paralyse them.

If you haven’t already heard about this website: TED Ideas Worth Sharing, it’s definitely worth visiting.

In the TED Talk I share with you in this blog, Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are, talks about:
“Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behaviour, and our behaviour change our outcomes”

“Fake it until you make it, until you become it, until you change, because you can!!”

Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes…  as in, huge oak trees from tiny acorns grow.

You can change this in you and this means you can change your life.

You can follow this link to the video on the Ted website, or watch it here:

As a life coach, if there’s something you want to change in your life, we can do so together, call me now to discuss.

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All the best,

Natalie Dee
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Certified High Performance Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Natalie Dee, London Life Coach works in the area of lifestyle management as a London life coach, using life coaching with confidence coaching and NLP both in London and throughout the UK, applying techniques such as NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy to improve levels of self-confidence as well as relationships, personal health, finance and career. Life coaching London, UK and worldwide available.


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