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What Are the Top Five Mistakes Fathers Make and How to Avoid Them?
The role of a father in a child's life is as important as that of a mother. The child relies on him for self confidence, love and strength. A good father sets an example before his children by perform...Read more

Have The Self-Confidence And Persistence To Achieve Your Desires
We are now half way through the year 2008. Yes, time has flown by. This is a great time to take an inventory. Take a few moments to ponder over where you are now. How far down the road are you on your...Read more

The Top Five Mistakes Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them
Teachers play a crucial role in the lives of their students by not only facilitating learning but also by shaping their personalities. A teacher works as a life coach by helping students learn bet...Read more

Life Is Like A Boomerang
If you smile to a stranger, more than likely that stranger would smile back at you. If you help someone with a presentation, that person will probably return the assistance when required. It se...Read more

Top Five Mistakes Husbands Make and How to Avoid Them
Husbands need life coaching as they can make mistakes which may create problems in their marital relationships. A little caution can help prevent mistakes and remove hurdles in the path of to achi...Read more

I’m So Lonely At The Top
They Don’t Like Me… It’s so tough making those unpopular decisions… No one wants to talk to me… They all avoid me… I feel so lonely at the top. These, and many more of the same, are wor...Read more

Top Five Mistakes Long-Term Employees Make, and How to Avoid Them
Rapid changes in the corporate world and fast technological development stress the need for adopting new ways and shedding old methods of work. A company's growth depends to a great extent on the grow...Read more

Tips to Stay Focused on Success Even With Life Setbacks
Most of us have met failure at some point in life: in business, examinations, relationships or achieving goals. Joshua J. Marine, the famous philosopher once said, "Challenges are what makes life inte...Read more

Get The Results You See
Champions and successful people in all fields and areas imagine or visualise their outcomes daily. They imagine the results in advance, before actually or physically participating in the event or situ...Read more

Top Five Mistakes New Employees Make and How to Avoid Them
New employees need efficient coaching during the first few weeks at a job. They are among unfamiliar people, new norms and a new culture. A majority of managers understand that the new employees need ...Read more

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