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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

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Life Coaching And The Concept of Positive Thinking
Nowadays, the media, friends or relatives are telling you to think positive thoughts; and there are times when you can find that happy place by thinking quite the opposite... And it can be good for yo...Read more

A Good Argument In A Good Relationship
Ever wondered if it's OK to argue with your partner? As a life coach, I would say it’s healthy for couples to have a good argument once in a while and to air out differences. The essential ing...Read more

Gain Confidence Not Attitude & Land The Job | Life Coaching Advice
Displaying confidence without a negative attitude is an important manner to display when seeking any kind of job. Being confident is very important but it's even more important that you don't go over ...Read more

What’s Different About Life Coaching?
Another way of looking at life coaching: it is having someone to talk to combined with a way to get changes and results in life... I have met many people in all walks of life, older, younger, profe...Read more

The Definition of Age From Someone Who IS Aged
The joy of writing blogs is the lovely interaction I get from family, friends, clients and contacts in response to the various topics I write about. To follow on from my blog on 2nd September The ...Read more

A Little Love Life Coaching For Women Over 40
In your 40s? Looking for some love and dating advice? Then this post is written just for you as here we are going to share with you some top tips and advice on how to find great dates and luscious lov...Read more

How to Feel Happy all the Time
Exactly how can anyone feel happy all the time? How can you achieve it? Perhaps you have been feeling low or you have experience moments of real depression. Perhaps you have experience moments of grea...Read more

A Life Coach, Someone I Can Just Talk To…
"I need someone I can just talk to, say anything to, like a friend but with no agenda, no opinions, no judgement. Life is complicated and sometimes it all just gets to me, and I need to just let it...Read more

Life Coaching And Why Happiness Is Good For You
In the Express online, in March 2011, I came across this great article about happiness: Why is happiness so good for you? Because the more contented we are the fewer stress-related illnesses we su...Read more

The Definition of Age From a Life Coaching Perspective
I came across this article online, "I hope when I finally grow up I will become a Real Old Person" on the Guardian website, from January 2011. It questions what our definition of age is now that so...Read more

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