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Leadership & Management Funded Grant

Is your business growing?
You can help it grow faster.

Funded by Skills Funding Agency


Is your business growing?

You can help it grow faster.

As the MD, owner or most senior director of your organisation, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You recognise the value of using expert advice. You’re good at what you do.

But how often do you give yourself a little time to improve your own skills and help your business grow? It’s a fact worth considering in these difficult economic conditions that people who invest in skills do better than those that don’t.

The London Leadership and Management Advisory Service

If you run a business in the Greater London region employing between 2 and 250 people, a service is available to help you develop your leadership and management skills. The service covers all sectors and is funded by the Learning and Skills Council to give you:

 A free analysis of your leadership and management skills, highlighting your strengths and areas for development

 A match funded (£ for £) training grant of up to £1,000 to help you address those areas.

The Service is restricted to those businesses that have the potential to increase turnover by 20% each year for 3 years, with a business plan to support this. New businesses with potential to reach £500,000 turnover within 3 years are also eligible.

Giving you the skills you need

Your individual analysis can be carried out on-line or face-to-face. A Leadership and Management Specialist Adviser will then meet with you to talk through the results and use their expertise to suggest approaches and solutions designed to suit your learning style, time restraints and location.

Training does not need to be qualification based, and can include 1:1 coaching or mentoring. Training should support the contribution of your staff to the business.  We cannot support mandatory programmes, IT or marketing training.

Training providers may include approved training consultancies, coaches, professional organisations, colleges and universities. We will help you choose the solution you want, and we will arrange the training for you.

If you are interested and would like further information, please contact:
Natalie Dee on 020 3411 4888

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"I have found my sessions with Natalie to be valuable helping me to focus on the challenges and difficult decisions I have had to make..."

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