Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Build Your Confidence in 7 Easy Steps
Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Personal Development

Change Your Habits and Patterns
To make changes in our lives, we need to break the old patterns that we are running in our minds and playing out every day through our thoughts and actions. The way to change can be as simple and e...Read more

Natalie Dee, Life Coach – My Own Challenge for 2011
Do we become who we are or are we what we become? I often wonder what came first, my desire to constantly strive and achieve more, and therefore personal development was naturally a part of how I w...Read more

What’s Different About Life Coaching?
Another way of looking at life coaching: it is having someone to talk to combined with a way to get changes and results in life... I have met many people in all walks of life, older, younger, profe...Read more

What Others Think of Me Matters, A Life Coaching Perspective
Worried about what other people thing of you? As a life coach, this is a common issue that I hear again and again in coaching sessions with my clients. Many of us fear being scrutinised, judged ...Read more

A Life Coach’s Perspective: If I’d Known In My 30s What I Know In My 40s
If only I'd known in my 30s what I now know in my 40s! This is my own personal point of view, as a life coach, having studied personal development for over 25 years, constantly learning and changin...Read more

I See Myself As “Different”
Ever had that feeling where you feel "different" to everyone else? When we are growing up some of us that "fit" into certain groups of friends or crowds of people and some of us feel that we don't ...Read more

Life Coaching is Different…
Life coaching differs to chatting with friends and family. Friends and family tend to give advice or opinions skewed by their own experiences and preferences. Coaching helps a person uncover...Read more

Life Coaching Looks At Feeling Anxious About Presentations…
Life coaching covers a wide range of areas including feelings of anxiety and the one that particularly stands out for people is feeling anxious about presentations. It is well known that one of...Read more

Personal Growth and Development – Expert Help Will Guide You
Having a professional coach to help you with your personal growth and development is a great way to kickstart you into achieving your goals and dreams. Personal growth and development is your route to...Read more

Change Your Thinking
How can you change your thinking? Think about the language you use the, words you use to describe how you feel and what you think. NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming focuses on our use of la...Read more

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"After each and every session I found that I experienced a profound change at work, which was exactly what I was looking for..."

"I now have a different and more positive outlook in several aspects of my life and I am looking forward to continuing the journey..."

"Thank you for yet another truly inspirational session this morning – you have really helped me re-evaluate my strength and position..."

"Natalie is unique in the sense that she is able to find the crux of the problem very fast and with an uncanny type of intuition..."

"I have only seen Natalie for a few sessions and already I feel really different. I have always worried about every small thing and lacked confidence in myself..."

"I have found my sessions with Natalie to be valuable helping me to focus on the challenges and difficult decisions I have had to make..."

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