Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Build Your Confidence in 7 Easy Steps
Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Personal Development

I feel like a fraud!
Working as a life coach with professionals in a variety of industries is very inspiring and very interesting too. You may be surprised to hear that sometimes very senior successful people, who are ...Read more

People in Our Lives
People come into our lives for "a reason, a season or a lifetime". The reason could be to teach, to guide or to show us something that we needed to know at that point in time. A season could be ...Read more

Be More Flexible
In a recent life coaching session, my client was very focused on "having to do things a specific way or not at all", and she found that this put her under immense pressure. With a reframe of what s...Read more

Fear of Failure, A Common Life Coaching Issue
In life coaching fear of failure is a common issue often quoted by people I meet, my coaching clients, who feel they are unable to achieve something they want to achieve. What if we could reframe t...Read more

Why Take a Personal Development Course
Taking part in and completing a personal development course is a great way for you to implement positive changes in your life. There are many different courses available and of course you need to do y...Read more

Why Personal Development is Good For Everyone
You can become happier, healthier and more successful if you continuously try to better yourself...... This is exactly why personal development is good for everyone and this doesn't mean that yo...Read more

Beyond Limits!!
Razy Gogonea - Britain's Got Talent 2011 Audition - It's really quite amazing what we can do, how far we can go, if we are driven, inspired and motivated. In this stunning perfo...Read more

Anger: Is it them or is it Me?
When you feel anger towards someone else, are you really angry with them, or are you angry with yourself? Although most people will say they're definitely angry with the other person, on deeper ref...Read more

Pure Coaching
People often ask me what I do, what areas of coaching I cover. Although in the world of coaching there are a variety of labels for the various areas covered by coaches, personally I define what I d...Read more

Your Relationship: Enhancing or Frustrating?
Having been there too, I know that although I believe a relationship is meant to be enhancing, where two people bring out the best in each other, this doesn't always happen. Often a relationship, whi...Read more

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"I have found my sessions with Natalie to be valuable helping me to focus on the challenges and difficult decisions I have had to make..."

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