Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Build Your Confidence in 7 Easy Steps
Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Self Confidence

I See Myself As “Different”
Ever had that feeling where you feel "different" to everyone else? When we are growing up some of us that "fit" into certain groups of friends or crowds of people and some of us feel that we don't ...Read more

We start our lives being encouraged to do new things; as babies we're encouraged to walk, as toddlers to speak and to draw, as infants to write and do sport and we are generally given positive feedbac...Read more

Confidence Crisis at 40
Many women are very worried about approaching or turning 40. In the Daily Mail on 30th June 2011, the results of a survey carried out by Clarivu Total Vision Correction shows that many women found ...Read more

Life Coaching Looks At Feeling Anxious About Presentations…
Life coaching covers a wide range of areas including feelings of anxiety and the one that particularly stands out for people is feeling anxious about presentations. It is well known that one of...Read more

I feel like a fraud!
Working as a life coach with professionals in a variety of industries is very inspiring and very interesting too. You may be surprised to hear that sometimes very senior successful people, who are ...Read more

Exam Question Errors, Follow Your Intuition
This week students have been faced with an usual experience of exam question errors in the AS-level and GCSE end of your school exams. On the BBC website student Well Edwin Li Ping Wah, who sat one...Read more

A Lion Called Christian
This is one of those beautiful and unusal stories where a couple from Australia found themselves the owners of a lion cub they bought in Harrods, London. The story demonstrates the power of connect...Read more

Beyond Limits!!
Razy Gogonea - Britain's Got Talent 2011 Audition - It's really quite amazing what we can do, how far we can go, if we are driven, inspired and motivated. In this stunning perfo...Read more

Are Physical Relationships Superficial?
Is a relationship which is predominantly physical, based to a high degree on physical attraction and sexual desire, superficial? Would two people stay together for very long, if the only interest...Read more

Pure Coaching
People often ask me what I do, what areas of coaching I cover. Although in the world of coaching there are a variety of labels for the various areas covered by coaches, personally I define what I d...Read more

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