Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Build Your Confidence in 7 Easy Steps
Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Self Confidence

I’m So Lonely At The Top
They Don’t Like Me… It’s so tough making those unpopular decisions… No one wants to talk to me… They all avoid me… I feel so lonely at the top. These, and many more of the same, are wor...Read more

Tips to Stay Focused on Success Even With Life Setbacks
Most of us have met failure at some point in life: in business, examinations, relationships or achieving goals. Joshua J. Marine, the famous philosopher once said, "Challenges are what makes life inte...Read more

It doesn’t have to be OK
In a recent coaching session my client was worrying about a move she had just made and the disruption it brought to her life. What with getting used to her new environment, the new people she was deal...Read more

The wonky boomerang
How many times have you noticed that when you really want something and put lots of effort in one direction, something strange happens - you get what you want but from somewhere totally different. ...Read more

Re-package the Pain
When my client used this phrase the other day, I thought it was so great I asked him if it would be OK to share it in a blog. Just like many of us, there’s often some not-so-desirable administrat...Read more

Ever Wondered if Rich People are Born with Confidence?
Many of my clients often ask me this question: Were rich and successful people born with self-confidence, or did they have to also work at it? In other words, were they born with self-assurance, po...Read more

Do you Feel you Lack Self-Confidence?
“Oh my word, I have been lumbered with making a Health and Safety presentation to my department. I’ve never done this before, and I can’t get out of it. Help!” Elaine said anxiously as she too...Read more

Step up and plan your future with total belief and self-confidence
I just happened to read this whilst on a train the other day; it got me thinking how many of my clients say they can’t plan today, yet alone tomorrow or the future. When I ask them why, the response...Read more

Procrastination, an age old problem!
Again and again, clients come to me with the problem of procrastination in the workplace.  Does this sound familiar?  It may well, for none of us are unique on this one.  For some reason we all te...Read more

How to Manage Trauma with Life Coaching
Managing Trauma with Life Coaching Surprising numbers of people have the misfortune of experiencing various traumas in their lives.  Why or how this happens is very individual, yet what we all face ...Read more

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