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Stop Bullying

Aggression, strong urge for power, disrespect for feelings of others and an insensitive attitude – these are the characteristics of bullies.

When this is the way a bully thinks, their actions will surely be damaging. This makes it important for parents and elders to make efforts to stop bullying activities at school.

Bullying is not something that happens with every school student. It is not something that students must learn to accept. In fact, children must be discouraged from bullying and from tolerating bullies.

Research indicates that bullying has severe negative impacts on a child’s academic performance, physical, social and emotional development, and on his psychology.

It is important to stop bullying because bullying affects not only the victim but also the bully himself and the witnesses of such events.

Stop bullying to save victims

Bullying is an unpleasant experience for anyone. Sometimes the effect is so strong that it cannot be forgotten even after many years. Care must be taken to stop bullying to give children a happy childhood experiences. Bullying affects a child in many ways.

  • Children who are bullied are more anxious, stressed and frightened. Sometimes they get severely depressed. They remain sad and lonely most of the time.
  • They may have frequent headaches or stomach aches. This is actually because they are always worried about being bullied.
  • Children who are bullied may have poor health conditions because of constant psychological stress which impacts on their overall wellness and makes them more prone to infections and disease. They won’t be healthy until bullies stop bullying them.
  •  They have few friends as they are afraid of more people bullying them. Also, other children are unwilling to make friends with them for fear of being bullied.
  • Their confidence levels remain low and they are unable to stop bullying incidents that they often face.
  • They are afraid of using the school bathroom, hallways, or the school bus rides as these are the places where bullies corner them the most.
  • Bullies will not stop bullying and so victims choose to be away from school. Poor attendance lowers their grades and they feel even more de-motivated.
  • Because they cannot stop bullying incidents that they encounter, they cannot focus on anything else at school or at home.
  • If they cannot stop bullying incidents in their life, they may try to commit suicide or may take to bullying themselves. These are the most dangerous effects.

Stop bullying activities to save the bullies themselves

If care is not taken to stop bullying activities, along with the victims, the bullies also will be eventually harmed.

  • If they don’t stop bullying, bullies may try more harmful activities such as physical fights, carrying weapons, bunk school, take to drugs or alcohol and involve more people in their activities.
  • They may steal or damage school property or possessions of the victims.
  • They may not outgrow their bullying behaviour. Children who don’t stop bullying may become continue with their activities as they grow into adulthood. They may turn into criminals.
  • Bullies who are inclined towards their behaviour as they grow may get involved in more harmful ways. Their activities may take more dangerous forms such as domestic violence, child abuse, sexual harassment or racial harassment.
  • Sometimes the bullies also take extreme steps such as suicide.
  • Their violent and hostile attitude makes them isolate. They have poor social and family relationships. If they are working at a place, they may not develop interpersonal relationships and this destroys their career.

Stop bullying activities to save the onlookers

An onlooker or a bystander may not be party to a bullying act. He may not even be a victim. But the effect of merely witnessing a bullying incident can leave a strong negative impression.

  • Children who see another child being beaten up or teased or laughed feel uncomfortable. They are afraid of what they see.
  • They feel frustrated because they feel helpless and cannot do anything to save the victim.
  • Sometimes they feel guilty for not having been able to stop the bullying incident.
  • They lose confidence in themselves when they see people of their own age or younger people being targeted.
  • If bullying is a frequent affair at school or in the neighbourhood, children think this behaviour is acceptable. They may do nothing to stop bullying if it happens with them.
  • They are afraid of being at school and being bullied.

Bullying is not acceptable at all.

Parents, teachers and elders must make sure they remain alert and aware of bullying incidents with their children and must take necessary steps to stop bullying.

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