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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

London Life Coaching

Life coaching refers to a relationship between a client and a coach depending on the client’s personal interests, goals and what is desired by the client. London Life coaching helps clients to identify a purpose in their life, set goals and achieve them through different tools and techniques. London life coaching enables clients to have control over their life for their overall well being.

People need life coaching for a variety of reasons. London life coaching works to help people enhance their life skills that impact on their business, career, social life, family, and other multiple roles that they have to perform in their life.

London life coaching techniques

The techniques that a life coach uses depends on many factors such as motivation, cultural background of the clients, goals and aspirations, response to stimulus and the feedback from the client.
London life coaching adopts unique methods to suit the client’s current situation. The methods used for life coaching include asking questions to clients, asking the client to reflect on his own actions and speech, requesting the client to make changes or follow suggested plans and discussions where the clients meet face to face or have a telephonic conversation.

What London life coaching does for you

With the various techniques that a life coach uses, you will be able to get your thoughts together, discover hidden truths about yourself and have a vision of what you want to do and where you want to be in life.

London life coaching to handle stress –

Are you able to manage things on the work front? Are you able to satisfy your wishes? Do you see positive outcomes of your efforts? These are important questions that need to be answered. Frustration and dissatisfaction occupy your emotions when you are stressed and cannot work to your full potential.

London life coaching helps you to identify your priorities and act accordingly so that your needs and wishes are fulfilled. It brings you to the realisation that what you receive is a result of your actions. London life coaching teaches you to focus on yourself to get what you want. It teaches you to view situations from a different perspective so that you come out of the mindsets that you have created about money, about yourself and about the issues that keep bothering you. For example, if you are not satisfied with the money that you make and are therefore stressed, London life coaching helps you visualize other aspects that you may have neglected because your thoughts were too preoccupied with finance.

London life coaching to fulfill dreams –

Are you afraid to discuss your dreams with anyone because you fear being mocked at or you feel it’s too ambitious for you to reach there? Do you feel the road to your dreams is too frightening? This is a feeling most people experience and therefore abandon their dreams.

London life coaching keeps you motivated and enthused about your passion by building your conviction and confidence in yourself. It makes you believe in your ideas so that you are enabled to convey them freely to people around you and keep them alive. With London life coaching, you look at old issues from a new perspective and are empowered with faith and courage to chase your dreams without any inhibitions.

London life coaching to be at peace with yourself –

Do you experience a constant inner conflict continuously taking place within? Are you discontent with what you are and who you are? London life coaching brings clarity of your thoughts.

London life coaching helps to clear the clutter that has filled your mind for long and has now become disturbing. London life coaching helps you to reflect on your own actions of the past and contemplate so that from now on, you do things that give you satisfaction.

London life coaching for happiness –

Do you find the time for yourself? Do you do the things you like? Neglecting yourself is the worst thing you do to yourself and London life coaching helps to keep that neglect away.
With London life coaching, you are the focus of your life. You learn to value yourself, your tastes, likes and dislikes. This is important because you need to feel good, to feel happy and to be relaxed so that you are ready for the next day in life. Enjoying the things you do is essential. It gives you the energy to move ahead with enthusiasm and remain motivated. London life coaching makes you the most important feature of your life. If you are happy internally, this happiness is contacted by everyone around you.

London life coaching is not a medical therapy or a counseling session.

London life coaching works on the practical aspect of issues and helps enhance life skills and problem solving skills for a happier and healthier life.

All the best,
Natalie Dee
London Life Coach & Business Coach, London UK
Certified High Performance Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

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Natalie Dee, London Life Coach works in the area of lifestyle management as a London life coach, using life coaching with confidence coaching and NLP both in London and throughout the UK, applying techniques such as NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy to improve levels of self-confidence as well as relationships, personal health, finance and career. Life coaching London, UK and worldwide available.

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"After each and every session I found that I experienced a profound change at work, which was exactly what I was looking for..."

"I now have a different and more positive outlook in several aspects of my life and I am looking forward to continuing the journey..."

"Thank you for yet another truly inspirational session this morning – you have really helped me re-evaluate my strength and position..."

"Natalie is unique in the sense that she is able to find the crux of the problem very fast and with an uncanny type of intuition..."

"I have only seen Natalie for a few sessions and already I feel really different. I have always worried about every small thing and lacked confidence in myself..."

"I have found my sessions with Natalie to be valuable helping me to focus on the challenges and difficult decisions I have had to make..."

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