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Personal Development

Personal development is the growth of a person in terms of thinking, behavior and maturity to make himself a valuable member of society. Every human being strives for personal growth and personal development right from childhood. Personal development is a never ending process and must remain so.

What does personal development include?

Personal development includes aspects such as the setting of goals, increasing knowledge, aspirations, convictions, forming and expressing opinions, adaptation and holding values.

Personal development is a natural instinct. Every human inherently seeks personal development. Every person aims for an improved and progressive life. With advancements in science and education, people have now begun to realise the need for personal development and devise methods to achieve that goal.

How does personal development take place?

People who aim for personal development understand that the process does not take place overnight. It is a combined growth of a person’s mental, emotional and rational skills. There are many factors that together bring an overall improvement of an individual. Let’s take a look at some of the major aspects of personal development.

Clarity of thoughts:

It’s important to be aware of what you’re seeking and how you plan to achieve it. How you think and what you think has a strong influence on your actions and that determines your success or failure. Understanding this is vital. You are responsible for your own life and for your successful personal development.

Define your goal:

Having an aim or a mission in life is important. If your life lacks a target or a goal, all your actions will be non constructive and leave you clueless about your own self. Setting goals acts as a driving force and keeps you motivated to move ahead in life. The process of achieving set goals is in itself a personal development. When you decide how you are going to make that achievement, when you evaluate your success or failure, when you take steps to rectify a bad action, you are shaping your personality and achieving personal development.

Accept failure and success with a balance:

The outcome of your actions may not always be successful. You must learn to accept failure with a determination to succeed. If failure leaves you frustrated and discouraged, you my prevent your own personal growth.  Personal development is all about strength and tolerance. It requires a lot of dedication and positive thinking. Failures in the initial stage must not deter you from taking the path of personal development. Similarly, success must be valued and maintained. You must never give up your desire for personal development. The pursuit of satisfaction and happiness must go on.

Learn from your mistakes of the past:

All of us make mistakes in our life at some time or the other. But that must not take our confidence away. In fact, you must learn lessons from the failure you experienced in the past. It’s a good idea to look back at the past so that you can measure the impact of your actions and understand yourself better. Knowing your self is most important for personal development.

Live in the present and be positive about the future:

Learning from the past is one thing and not letting go of the past is another thing. It’s important that you live in the present and act accordingly. You need to be fully aware of the time and situation you are in at that moment. Only then will your actions be impactful and in turn have significance in the future. Don’t lose the moment you have in your control. Living with the times is a sign of positivity and success. Personal development comes with awareness, knowledge and timely action.

The future is in your control and is determined by your actions of the present. If you have the readiness to learn and adapt, you will never experience problems with your personal development.

Have strong convictions and values:

You must believe in yourself and in the values that you uphold. If you want your opinions to be valued, you must believe in them first. Only then will you be able to express yourself with confidence and clarity so that people are convinced about the point you want to make. The values that you promote and follow determine your personality to a great extent. Good moral values make you an important member of the society you live in and contribute to your own personal development.

Personal development is a life long process. There are many changes that one may undergo in the process of personal development. This also means that there is always scope for improvement in our lives. Whether you’re seeking personal development in your career, in your role as a family member, in your behavior as an individual, you are in control of your life. The urge to live a better life and look for personal development is what makes life interesting.

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