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How to Feel Happy all the Time

Exactly how can anyone feel happy all the time? How can you achieve it? Perhaps you have been feeling low or you have experience moments of real depression. Perhaps you have experience moments of great happiness and excitement and you crave more of this. Whatever your story it’s important to know you are not alone.

Even if we looked at the Internet and enquiries people make through the Internet, we can see there are millions of people searching the same topic. Now imagine how many people are just thinking the same thoughts as you on a day-to-day basis.

So how can you feel happy, merry, jolly all of the time and is it even possible?

Well personally I think it is possible to feel happy all day long, every day. However it is important to recognise that feeling happy could also just been feeling content and justified. I’m not sure it’s entirely normal to feel overwhelmed with joy and elation 24 hours a day! After all we need to sleep and we need to relax, right? But finding happiness and experiencing this all the time is absolutely possible.

My absolute best type of experiencing this is to change your outlook on life, the world and of course other people. It’s imperative that you adopt a positive outlook and yes this has to be earned and it requires effort. Think how many times in a week someone says something, does something or behaves that makes you feel annoyed. This could be a work colleague, someone on television or a driver that cuts you up in bad traffic.

How do you respond to that person and their actions if they do something that isn’t in line with your morals, thought process or beliefs? A lot of the time we allow and negative emotion to take hold, but with focus and presence of mind you could choose to be positive about such a situation. This way you are stopping any negativity to enter your life especially when caused by another person.

Imagine being in heavy traffic in a busy city, a driver of another car cuts you up. If you simply smiled and shrug this off you’re going to feel pretty positive, happy and content. So choose this response rather than feeling angry towards someone else’s actions.

Obviously having a positive outlook is easier said than done, but work toward achieving this every day. As you get better and more efficient with this mindset and focus shift, you’re going to start feeling happy all day long!

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