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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

How to Be More Happy and Positive

Finding a way or method to feel more happy and positive is something many people search for or attempt on a daily basis. If you’re one of these people then your certainly not alone as millions of people are on the same quest as you. But how do you achieve this? Where do you start? Can you actually achieve this? Maybe happiness is given and not earned or searched for.

Well firstly let me dispel that myth. Happiness can be searched for and discovered by you starting today. Now obviously I have no idea as to how you feel right now. Perhaps you are at the lowest point in your life or perhaps everything is fine and you just want a little more. Whatever your personal situation I know the following tips can help you with your quest, but my one piece of advice is it you search and find an absolute personal coaching and life coaching professional to help you move forward.

Problems: There are all kinds of problems that we face daily, weekly, monthly, whenever. And problems in any size, shape or form seemed to be a huge hurdle or brick wall we need to navigate over or through in order to find happiness. But this is perhaps the initial problem with every problem. You are looking at it as just that, instead try to look at every individual problem as a temporary challenge waiting to be overcome.

Begin focusing on a solution to each problem rather than the problem itself. This can begin by simply writing down your challenge and your solution as this will instantly move your vision to overcoming this problem rather than staring blankly in the face. Try it, you will be surprised just how positive the results are and how quickly they come.

The Moment: So many people seem to live their lives in the past or at the other end of the spectrum spend too long worrying about things that haven’t even arrived. To achieve some more happiness in your life try to live in the moment. Look at where you are right now, this very second and you will find something to be happy about, perhaps it simply finding and reading this article, perhaps it sparked a little imagination or turned on a lightbulb for you.

I could go on and on with more solutions and more advice. But simply begin with these two tips and test them out. Positive results will come and you will no doubt attract more happiness into your life. Of course don’t forget to contact a professional life coach who can help you move forward further into the future.

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Posted in happiness on October 6, 2011

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