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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Telephone Life Coaching, A Better Way?

You don’t need to go in person.
You only need a telephone to speak to your coach and you can avoid many of the hassles of travel or for some people the challenge of speaking to a coach face to face. Life coaching is very personal for some and an appearance can be very awkward, that is why there is an “on the spot” telephone life coaching system to get your life coaching needs met and questions answered.

The purpose of telephone life coaching is to build you, to talk about you, to focus on you. It’s all about you. You can talk about your desires, your goals, your dreams and your needs. With your schedule in mind, your coach can develop a strategy or mission for you to follow in order to make your goals, targets and dreams a reality.

The Benefits?
One of the benefits of telephone life coaching is that you can avoid face to face meetings. There is a sense of anonymity and if that is what you like, telephone life coaching is the best choice for you. You can talk to your coach about anything without the feeling of being judged or criticized. You do not have to be pressured or be stressed – you are in your comfort zone and you can connect with your coach easily and move on towards your goals of self improvement.

Is telephone life coaching expensive?
Of course not! Unlike other face to face encounters when you have to go to the coach’s office, you do not to spend money on travel or lifes most expensive commodity, time! With telephone life coaching, on the spot, that expense is eliminated.

You can tell your coach the most perfect time for you to have the telephone life coaching sessions. You can be in your pyjamas at home – no problem. It can also be done during your coffee break from the office or during your lunch hour. Telephone life coaching is flexible with your time availability and it will always remain that way, whenever and wherever you are ready, free and focused.

Your telephone life coach will provide nothing short of support for you all the way. You can build with your coach a rapport and  a connection. Your coach will be your ally and they will be there with you all the way while you change your life for the better.

On the spot telephone life coaching is not limited. You can opt for small talks of half an hour or less, if you like. With this centered on you, the main idea is to help you help yourself without consuming your time and you having to pay above the roof fees.

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