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Life Coaching From A Different Perspective, The Disorientated Duck

This is such a lovely and unusual story of unspoken communication between a lady and a duck, that I decided to share it here on my blogs.  Personally, as a life coach, I think there is a perspective on this story that we can all relate to.

Near a block of flats, somewhere out in Hertfordshire, a lady came across a mother duck, with her six ducklings.  The ducks were by a brick wall and behind a gated fence and as the lady looked over the gate, she seemed to sense that the mother duck was in distress.

Following only her intuition, very slowly the lady opened the wooden gate and stood aside; the mother duck looked up at the lady, looked towards her ducklings, looked back up at the lady and suddenly started to waddle forward towards the gate.  Looking over her shoulder and indicating to her ducklings to follow.

The lady held the gate open, standing slightly to the side, and out of their way, until all the six ducklings had waddled through the gate and then the lady started to walk slowly away from the block of flats, and the mother duck, with her six ducklings followed the lady.

The lady walked towards the high street, slowly, looking over her shoulder from time to time, and there, right behind her was the mother duck following steadily, and behind her were the six ducklings.

The lady knew that quite close by there was a small park with a little pond and hoped to guide the mother duck and her ducklings to that pond.

There was a major road to cross and the lady stepped into the road and was able to stop the traffic on both sides to enable the ducks to get across safely.

Eventually, the waddled into the park and when they got close to the pond the lady stepped back and watched the mother duck and her ducklings slip into the water.

A beautiful story with a very happy ending; the duck was in a very vulnerable place and yet had sensed that this lady would help her, intuitively she knew it was safe to follow this lady with her ducklings.

Although it is rare for us to have such an unusual opportunity to help another creature, we can look for and find ways to help a fellow human being.


Posted in communication, happiness, Life Coaching on August 10, 2011

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