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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Emotional Changes for Old Traumatic Events & Memories

If you have an old memory that still makes you feel emotional, tearful or causes a knot in your stomach, this indicates that that trauma is still very much alive, very real in your mind as if it happened recently rather than many years ago.

This also means that your behaviour as an adult today is still being “controlled” or led by this old trauma and whatever unconscious decisions you made at the time that it happened.  This could be causing you deep unhappiness, or spoiling the quality of your life in some way.

This can be changed!!

NLP, which stands for: Neuro Linguistic Programming, has some effective and swift processes that can separate those old memories from the sad, angry, distressing or difficult emotions you still feel when you think of that memory.

For example, if you had an embarrassing experience as a child at school in a classroom and someone there made you look foolish in front of the whole class, it’s highly likely you get very embarrassed as an adult if you need to stand up in front of a group and give a presentation.  Your underlying emotions would most likely be fear of looking like a fool in front of your audience.

Even if you’ve done a hundred such presentations, the unconscious emotional pattern you run in your mind is:  “I’m so scared I’ll make a fool of myself.”

Even though it happened as a child and isn’t real or relevant anymore as an adult, emotionally your brain is “stuck” in the past, in the emotional reaction of what happened then; it’s like a scar that’s never healed, that still hurts.

You can change this!  You can put those old emotions in the past, where they belong.  Imagine the impact this will have on your life, how much better you will feel and how much happier you will be.

Look forward to hearing from you if there’s an old trauma that stills upsets you that want to let go of.

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Natalie Dee, London Life Coach works in the area of lifestyle management as a London life coach, using life coaching with confidence coaching and NLP both in London and throughout the UK, applying techniques such as NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy to improve levels of self-confidence as well as relationships, personal health, finance and career. Life coaching London, UK and worldwide available.

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