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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Choices You Make

Life Is About The Choices You Make“I have a great job, but I just can’t seem to get on with my manager,” a young client, in her mid-twenties, finally opened up. “I love the job and the people. It’s just him. He makes me cringe. I can’t stand him.”

Did you notice how many times she said can’t?

This is quite standard in the work that I do with my clients as a life coach.

The word can’t is a small four letter word. Many people have been using it most of their lives without consciously knowing how this small word can deeply and negatively affect their unconscious mind. They do not realise the actual implication and consequence this petty word can have on the quality of their lives.

This seemingly small and insignificant word can, in fact, have a huge impact on people’s lives. It has the power to weaken and reduce self-esteem and confidence. It has the enormous and solid strength to keep people where they are and prevent them from moving ahead in their lives.

Instead of using such a word, replace it with “I choose to…” or perhaps, “I choose not to…” This way you regain positive control over your life because you will consciously make choices along the way.

The client above had a choice that she can make. She can choose to remain employed where she is and learn to accept her manager, or she can resign and search for another job. She had the choice to do either, and it is through that choice that she can improve her life.

As it happened, the lady above chose to think about her manager in a different way by adopting the, “I choose to see (my manager) from a new perspective as of now.”

We all make daily choices in our lives. Let us choose ones that add value.

If you were to replace “I can’t…” with “I choose…” how much of a difference will that make on how you feel and therefore, how you act?


Natalie Dee
Life Coach London

Posted in communication, Job Hunting, Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Self Confidence on July 26, 2011

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