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A Good Argument In A Good Relationship

Life Coaching London, UK for life changesEver wondered if it’s OK to argue with your partner?

As a life coach, I would say it’s healthy for couples to have a good argument once in a while and to air out differences.

The essential ingredient to a “good argument” is to maintain respect for each other.

Two people who come together as a couple do bring with them their different backgrounds, upbringings and beliefs, therefore by default they will have differing views, attitudes or opinions in some areas.

When we disagree with someone and it becomes more than a discussion, when it is an “argument” it is acceptable to share our views; what we need to be cautious of is insisting that the other person will take our opinions or views upon themselves.

We can present a good case, we can explain our point of view and we can give examples, in a good relationship, and in a good argument, both sides will do this and the other person will be wiling to listen.

There is no guarantee that the other person will change their own opinions and views; it is essential to remember this!

Again, in a good relationship and in a good argument, it is OK to be different and think differently, because we are individuals and a healthy relationship is one where we maintain our uniqueness, our individuality and our independence. We can continue to be our own unique self and still have all of this. Remember, who we are and who we were before we met our partner is the person they were drawn to and liked and fell in love with!

Be yourself, and be true to who you are. And remember, it is OK to disagree with someone else, it is fair to listen to how they view a particular situation and if the matter is very important, such as a joint decision about where to live, or where the children will go to school, it is a good idea to find a middle way, negotiate so that the most important elements for both of you are addressed.

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