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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

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How to Deal With Passive Aggressive People Easily
Passive aggressive people can be very difficult to deal with, but this doesn't mean it's impossible to cope with this personality type. Whether it is a relative a friend or a colleague that possesses ...Read more

How to Motivate People
Learning how to motivate people is a useful skill whether you need to apply it at home or in the workplace. Mastering this is a skill that has been used by many successful leaders throughout time and ...Read more

Steve Jobs said “Your Time Is Limited”
When Steve Jobs said "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."  He probably knew that this statement would resonate with a lot of people in the world. Too many of us, t...Read more

My 5K Challenge – Only 24 Hours To Go…
Just like the coaching clients I work with, when challenged, I also have the usual human reactions: nervous, yet excited, scared yet anticipating, desire to succeed, concerned how I'll manage. My 5...Read more

Gain Confidence Not Attitude & Land The Job | Life Coaching Advice
Displaying confidence without a negative attitude is an important manner to display when seeking any kind of job. Being confident is very important but it's even more important that you don't go over ...Read more

The Definition of Age From Someone Who IS Aged
The joy of writing blogs is the lovely interaction I get from family, friends, clients and contacts in response to the various topics I write about. To follow on from my blog on 2nd September The ...Read more

A Little Love Life Coaching For Women Over 40
In your 40s? Looking for some love and dating advice? Then this post is written just for you as here we are going to share with you some top tips and advice on how to find great dates and luscious lov...Read more

No Limits to What Us Women Can Achieve
There's no limit to what women are achieving at 40+ I came across this article about a lady in the USA called Laura London and she really is an inspiration!! At 45, and only 5'2", married for 20...Read more

Feels Like Time’s Running Out
Often I've heard my clients say: "It feels like time's running out..." This can be with regards to a career change, relationship change, desire to settle down and get married and many other areas o...Read more

Happiness Is…
Happiness is...  knowing you have something to look forward to. There are some people who believe they will be happy if they have a new something or other... new house, car, designer trainers or h...Read more

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