Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

Build Your Confidence in 7 Easy Steps
Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

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The wonky boomerang
How many times have you noticed that when you really want something and put lots of effort in one direction, something strange happens - you get what you want but from somewhere totally different. ...Read more

They’re Showing Me the Money – but Should I Quit Today?
Contracting: it brings in the money, but in some environments it can often be very difficult and unrewarding.  What do you do when you hate going to the office and the people you are accountable to, ...Read more

Top Five Mistakes Managers Make and How to Avoid Them
Managers play the role of business coaches by leading and directing the professional lives of their teams. They assist their employees in gaining self confidence, efficiency and satisfaction. Mana...Read more

Re-package the Pain
When my client used this phrase the other day, I thought it was so great I asked him if it would be OK to share it in a blog. Just like many of us, there’s often some not-so-desirable administrat...Read more

Relationships: You’re Not the Only One
Both men and women come to me with various relationship questions.  This week the issue was that my client was unsure how much longer she should wait for her boyfriend to propose.  It was something ...Read more

Top Five Mistakes CEOs Make and How to Avoid Them
CEOs aim at implementing fresh programmes that can help improve the management of their organisation effectively. Their role as business coaches signifies strong leadership and promotion of fertile de...Read more

Ever Wondered if Rich People are Born with Confidence?
Many of my clients often ask me this question: Were rich and successful people born with self-confidence, or did they have to also work at it? In other words, were they born with self-assurance, po...Read more

Top Five Mistakes Boyfriends Make and How to Avoid Them
Often guys make careless blunders in relationships, causing a break up. Some boyfriends need coaching from their more experienced friends or even an external life coach, who can help them to learn to ...Read more

Do you Feel you Lack Self-Confidence?
“Oh my word, I have been lumbered with making a Health and Safety presentation to my department. I’ve never done this before, and I can’t get out of it. Help!” Elaine said anxiously as she too...Read more

Top Five Mistakes Girlfriends Make and How to Avoid Them
There are more single girls than single guys. These girls are charming, eligible and are pursuing careers but one reason behind their remaining single can be the mistakes girls so often make in a rela...Read more

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