Life coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

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Life Coach and NLP practitioner Natalie Dee

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Why Am I So Like My Mother?!
"I discovered I don't need to be like my Mother" a client recently said to me in the middle of a life coaching session... [youtube n6ARRB3FIvY 320 195] How many times do you find yourself thinki...Read more

How to Deal With Change and Trauma
When we start working with a life coach, change can be gradual. However, often when change is only small, maybe even only 5%, it's important to recognise that change has occurred and that things ar...Read more

How to Be More Outgoing and Social
How come some people seem to be naturally outgoing? Why are some people always the centre of attention at a party and why do some people seem to be naturally bubbly? If you are reading this article th...Read more

How to Be More Happy and Positive
Finding a way or method to feel more happy and positive is something many people search for or attempt on a daily basis. If you're one of these people then your certainly not alone as millions of peop...Read more

How to Feel Happy all the Time
Exactly how can anyone feel happy all the time? How can you achieve it? Perhaps you have been feeling low or you have experience moments of real depression. Perhaps you have experience moments of grea...Read more

A Life Coach, Someone I Can Just Talk To…
"I need someone I can just talk to, say anything to, like a friend but with no agenda, no opinions, no judgement. Life is complicated and sometimes it all just gets to me, and I need to just let it...Read more

A Life Coach Will Ask What Do You Need Right Now?
Do you ever have so much going on in your life, so many things you need to do, that you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start? As a life coach I hear this regularly, it's one of the first ...Read more

Slow Down, Be More Creative With or Without A Life Coach
I love the talks on "Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world" and so inspiring which is what drew me to become a London life coach in the first place! This talk caught my att...Read more

London Life Coach Asks: Do You Blame & Complain?
Complaining? Your Life Is Full of Abundance I was sent a link the other day to a video which tells a very simple story: Don't Blame, Don't Complain. Watch this video and take from it whatever yo...Read more

Choices You Make
“I have a great job, but I just can’t seem to get on with my manager,” a young client, in her mid-twenties, finally opened up. “I love the job and the people. It’s just him. He makes me crin...Read more

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"After each and every session I found that I experienced a profound change at work, which was exactly what I was looking for..."

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"I have found my sessions with Natalie to be valuable helping me to focus on the challenges and difficult decisions I have had to make..."

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